Welcome Cole Edwards

Cole is the new postdoc joining the lab, fresh off finishing his Ph.D. at Ohio State. Cole is interested in better constraining environmental and biogeochemical evolution over the Paleozoic.


Welcome Cole!

Onward to Dublin: Farewell Dr. Rose

We are sad to see Dr. Catherine Rose, the department’s inaugural Fossett Postdoctoral Scholar, depart our lab after two very productive (and enjoyable) years. Catherine will begin her new position as an Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin this fall.


You will be sorely missed!

Congrats to Dan Johnson & Beth Hoagland!

Congrats to Dan Johnson & Beth Hoagland, who were both just awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships to attend graduate school. In the fall, Dan will be heading to Caltech and Beth will be going to Penn State. Both pictured below, enjoying their spring break in the Apennines.




SIMS installation complete: Let there be SCIENCE!

Our new 7f/geo met its installation specs without a hitch and we are off and running. Looking ahead, we are planning to examine spatial variability in isotopic proxies on spatial scales from microns to centimeters, using that data to reinterpret many of our bulk-rock based records of biogeochemical cycling throughout Earth history.