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SIMS installation complete: Let there be SCIENCE!

Our new 7f/geo met its installation specs without a hitch and we are off and running. Looking ahead, we are planning to examine spatial variability in isotopic proxies on spatial scales from microns to centimeters, using that data to reinterpret many of our bulk-rock based records of biogeochemical cycling throughout Earth history.


An early Christmas present: SIMS arrives at WashU!

Our new SIMS instrument, a Cameca 7f/geo, arrived on campus on December 4, 2013. After a slightly rocky start, we got it offloaded and transferred to its new home in the basement of Rudolph Hall (Rm 74).

We are looking forward to exploring all the new research avenues this instrument will open up. Click here to see a video of the installation.

SIMS 7f/geo instrument: passed factory tests!

Prof. Fike and Research Scientist Clive Jones travelled to the Cameca factory in Paris last week to perform the factory acceptance tests for the new ins 7f/geo SIMS instrument. The instrument passed with flying colors and we are very excited to have it come to campus. Target installation date is mid November!


Midwest Geobiology 2013

Just back from a successful trip to Indianapolis for the 2nd annual Midwest Geobiology conference at IUPUI. 14 people from WashU attended, presenting posters and a fantastic talk by Dr. Catherine Rose.MWGB

Looking forward to it next year in Chicago!