Senior Lab Staff

  • steph

    Stephanie Moore, Lab Manager
    Stephanie oversees day-to-day operations by keeping the mass specs running, making sure the lab space remains tidy, and training new members.

  • Clive

    Clive Jones, Research Scientist
    Clive joined the research group in July 2013, bringing extensive experience with secondary ion mass spectrometry. Here, Clive is the research scientist in charge of our new Cameca ins 7f/geo instrument (which arrived Dec 2013). In this role, Clive spearheads our SIMS-based research investigating micro-scale variations in the carbon and sulfur isotopic composition of biological and sedimentary materials. In addition, Clive facilitates the development of new analytical approaches for the instrument.

  • Jen

    Jennifer Houghton, Research Scientist
    Jen joined the research group in October 2011. Her research projects revolve around biogeochemical interactions between microbes and their environment in complex modern systems, including mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal vents and hypersaline photosynthetic microbial mats. Current projects include investigating the kinetics and fractionation of intermediate sulfur redox species mediated by growth of key hydrothermal microbes, using biogeochemical models to visualize C and S cycling within complex microbial networks, and investigating the effect of diel cycling on C, N, S isotopes of biomass in layered photosynthetic microbial mats.

Graduate Students

  • Roger

    Roger Bryant, Ph.D. student
    Roger is a 5th year student investigating small-scale isotopic signatures within modern and ancient sediments. His project focuses on modeling and lab work that investigates pyrite d34S variability as a function of depositional environment conditions.

  • Jocelyn2

    Jocelyn Richardson, Ph.D. student
    Jocelyn is a 5th year student investigating micron-scale variability in isotopic signatures and abundances of sulfur species, specifically carbonate associated sulfate, within Ordovician carbonates. Her project focuses on petrography, x-ray spectromicroscopy, and SIMS to understand the depositional and diagenetic constraints on CAS incorporation and alteration.

  • R. Seth Wood, Ph.D. student
    Seth is a 1st year student interested in developing a deeper and more rigorous understanding of a suite of carbonate-based geochemical proxies. His research is likely to combine bulk and micron-scale approaches in a mixture of modern and deep-time settings.

Our lab is currently looking for new members!  Please contact with any questions you have regarding research or collaborative opportunities.